Thursday, September 1, 2016

How Energy Efficient is Your Home?

One of the joys of home ownership (and for many renters) are the wonderful reminders we receive each month of how much it costs to live where we live – bills.

Have you ever looked at your energy bill and asked yourself how it could be so high? Or worse, have not looked at it and just chalk it up to it is what it is.

Thankfully there are some easy steps that we can take that can greatly decrease our energy usage. ENERGY STAR® has developed some great resources to help you asses your home and look for ways to improve. Through the My ENERGY STAR program you can assess your homes energy usage, find recommendations on how to improve it as well as a host of other information about saving energy. Most of the recommended items are very easy to complete but can have large lifetime impact on your energy usage. A large benefit of utilizing these tools is creating awareness that can have a positive influence on your decision making. The next time you need to buy an appliance, you might look a little more into what the energy usage is and make that a determining factor on which model you choose. How about the next time you need to replace a light bulb. Instead of just using what you have always used, see what changing to an ENERGY STAR certified LED will do.

The nice thing about saving energy is there is a multitude of ways to go about it and they all help. To learn more about the My ENERGY STAR® program visit the ENERGY STAR web site at For more energy savings ideas and information on how Air King can help, visit

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