Thursday, September 15, 2016

Look for the STAR – Benefits of ENERGY STAR® certified exhaust fans

You see the logo all over, that bright blue square seems to be on almost every appliance in the aisle but what does it really mean?

ENERGY STAR is a division of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that is concerned with the energy efficiency (among other items) of products. ENERGY STAR certified products meet strict requirements as put forth by the EPA.

For exhaust fans they must pass testing for energy efficiency (known as efficacy or CFM per watt), sound (sones) and air flow (CFM). The ratings are certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) – an ENERGY STAR certification body. Once a fan is determined to meet the requirements, it can then be marketed as ENERGY STAR certified.

Certified exhaust fans operate at lower sound levels, use less energy and last longer than traditional exhaust fans which takes a lot of the guess work out of choosing a fan. Not all fans are tested and held to any standard, but ENERGY STAR labeled fans are not only certified but also verified through open market testing. A main benefit of an ENERGY STAR certified product is that you can be assured that the fan has been tested and certified and will perform as advertised.

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